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What's New?


* Well, Well, Well, looks like I'm still around after all. I've done a bit of updating

* The story has come a long way, we got some new characters making cameos!

* I added my critique of Holy Man to the movie section

* That's all for now. Check back sometime!


* Hola! I'm back! Sorry it's been sooooo long, I've been busy, since it is summer, I spent a long vacation out of town, therefore, could not update. But do not fear, everything is just Peachy!

*I updated the story page and it's getting good!

* Also Squidgirl73 send me some nice little quotes. From Vibes and The Great White Hype Check em out at the Quote Page

* Squidgirl73 also gave me some more Filmography although I haven't added it yet, can anyone tell me whay year Jeff was in "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"? So I can put it in it's order. Thanks

* Peace, Love, Jeffy! Little Miss Chaos


* Hey! How's it going? I'm Back

* I added two new obsessions to the bottom of the obsessions list

* And I reviewed Two, count em, TWO new movies. Just look for the

* That's all for now! Little Miss Chaos


* Hola! I'm back. I promise that this week is due for more improvements to my homepage. My life has slowed down a little bit and people have been sending in more obsessions and links. So stay tuned!

* Thanks to an anonymous E-mail I updated my story page, this one is both funny and dramatic at the end.

* I finally fixed my java script so there isn't that stupid alert popping up everytime you visit.


* Hello! Sorry it's been so long. You would not believe how busy I have been. yeah, I had 223 E-mail waiting for me today since I haven't checked my E-mail for weeks.

* You all will be very happy to know I added Part 3 of the story to my page (it's only a few months late, I'm sorry)

* Sorry no more news, for those of you who sent me obsessions, yes, I do have them, I'll post them hopefully soon!

* Thanks, Little Miss Chaos


* Hello everyone! Guess what! I'm not dead!

* Today is my Birthday! Just incase any one was interested

* I'm incredibly sorry I haven't updated, I wanted to update during Christmas, but my computer crashed so therefore it wasn't working for about 3 weeks.

*I got a scanner for Christmas so I'm hoping to create some great Jeff pics that aren't found anywhere else.

*Thanx for listening. -Little Miss Chaos


* Hello! And welcome to my What's New Page. This page is obviously new if you are a regular to my page. So now everytime you come here you can check right here to see what's been updated and also what is new in the WORLD OF JEFF GOLDBLUM. So check this page out first. I'll try to update as much as possible, but I am only human.

* Also, check out the much updated Story Page, and even more exciting is SPAM in the story, read along with the adventures of Jeff, Hanson, and Garth!

*And also since I now have a What's New Page, I will be discontinueing (sp?) the Mailing List, It was too much of a pain and this is much easier for YOU the Jeff Fan to find out what's new. Thanks a Bunch!

That's all for now! Mailme! - Little Miss Chaos