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Signs you are obsessed with Jeff Goldblum
How can you NOT be obsessed with him by the looks of this picture????

Okay, hello, this is my Signs You Are Obessed with Jeff Goldblum Page. Now, I must put this little bit in here: These signs are just for fun, I'm not saying that people actually do these, I'm guilty of a few and I'm sure you are too, but these are all in good Jeff-Jest! And as always, if you have such a big problem with one of these signs just E-mail your complaint to me and I'll see what I can do.

Oh! and before I forget, after you are done looking and you think of a sign that's kind of funny and/or interesting and E-mail your sign to me and I'll put it up and of course give you credit for it. Soon I hope to have a ton of signs. So just click and send them to me! And as always comments are appreciated!

* Your printer always seems to always be out of ink because you keep printing out his pictures.

* You have every appearence he ever made on tape and you have seen the tape at least 5 times a day.

* You have a nervous breakdown if you miss him on an appearance of TV

* You searh the web for more info on him and end up writting love notes to him in peoples guestbooks

* You own every magazine that even mentions Jeff and you have it cut out and framed

* You study his ever move on evey TV show appearence

* You turn everything someone is talking about into something about Jeff

* You scream everytime you see Jeff on TV

*You insist on being called "Mrs. Goldblum"

* You've blown out all the VCRs in your house watching Jeff

* You find yourself talking to your pictures of Jeff

* You know all his lines for every one of his movies

* You believe that if you concentrate really hard you can channel him to call you

* You think about Jeff more than 50% of your day

* You start every journal entry with :"Well, I didn't meet Jeff today, but there's always tomorrow!"

* You have your own Jeff Goldblum Fan Page

* You tape your voice over the interviewers so it sounds like yur talking to Jeff

* You are no linger scared of the dark or spiders, now you're scared of getting anmesia beause you'll forget all about Jeff.

*You want to learn how to play the piano just because Jeff does

* Your motto: So many Jeff Movies so little time

* Your walls are plastered with pics & you kiss every one before you go to bed and when you wake up.

* For hours you whine to your best friend about how Jeff hasn't written back to you yet

* You actually care whether or not he wears boxers

* You constantly scan the streets for Jeff-look-alikes

* You have I LOVE JEFF GOLDBLUM tatooed somewhere on your body

* You order the wedding cake (just in case)

* You visit my page more than once a day!

* You have pictures of him in your wallet

* You have your day planned for when he comes to visit you.

* You burn incense around Jeff pictures while chanting "come to me"

* You named all your pets Jeff, Jeffy, Goldblum, etc....

* You turn your little sister's ken doll into a Jeff Goldblum doll, because you think the Jurassic Park action figures are just too small.

* You take up magic as a hobby so you can magically make him appear out of thin air.

* Every year for Halloween you dress up as a different character from one of Jeff's movies.

* Every person at your school associates you with Jeff Goldblum

* You have 365 of those shirts Jeff designed, one for everyday of the year.

* You make voodoo dolls of Geena Davis and Laura Dern because you think they are taking Jeff away from you

* You put a poster of Jeff over your bed and pray that it falls down while you are in bed.

* Every year on October 22 you send hundreds of birthday cards to Jeff in hope he'll reply to at least one.

* You have a nervous breakdown if you miss him on a TV appearence Thanx Crystal

* You have no memory left on your computer because you have downloaded all the Jeff pics and sounds you could find! Good one Malcolm

* You keep a picture of Jeff in a heart shaped frame and you sleep with it at night and you never leave the house without it. Thanx Stephanie

* You get a piece of ribbon, right his name on it, and tie it around your wrist and never take it off even if you are in the shower. Thanx again Stephanie

Okay, that's all for now, check back often to see whats new! and remember, E-mail me your ideas about how to tell if you are Obsessed with Jeff Goldblum!