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Okay, this page is going to seem a little strange to all but one person. But if you will allow me to take you on a wild trip through your imagination you'll understand and will enjoy my little piece of fiction here. I'll be adding a little bit every two weeks or so to keep you interested so keep checking back!

Okay, let me explain to you what this is. One day Me and my friend Fran were bored so we decided to start a little E-mail story. I started it and then I send it to FRAN who added to the story. It kept getting longer and longer and funnier and funnier. I decided it was worth while to put it on my page and let other Jeff fans and maybe even a few Hanson fans read it and enjoy it. I know this story could never happen but hey, this is FICTION any thing could happen. And does!

DISCLAIMER: Okay, this story is pure fiction, I don't know Jeff Goldblum or Hanson or even Garth Brooks. And I bet they don't know each other either. I'm very sorry if I offended any celebrity in this story, but it's all in good taste. Thank you

Well, if you are a regular to the story page you'll notice something new, my story has gotten so big I had to create subpages. So PART 1 is the old story and PART 2 is the new additions. So just click below and enter

Part ONE

Part TWO



Any questions? Comments? Constructive Critisism? Just E-mail ME