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The Story Part Two

Garth Sniffs the air, "Do you smell alcohol? Smells like martini and.." "Sprite, I spilled some on my pants in the airplane, I guess in the heat it's not drying, I better change" Jeff says with a red face. "Go help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen, I'm afraid I may not have much, I wasn't planning on being here for awhile"
The boys and Garth head to the kitchen as jeff Goldblum heads to his room to change. On the way to the kithcen Garth passes Rick's cage and notices something odd about it. There was a small carved wooden stature of a soccer player. Garth takes the statue out of the cage and slips it into his pocket untill he can ask Jeff about it, you see, he didn't want to upset the boys any more than they need to be in one day!
Mean while, in the kitchen Isaac is rummaging through the cupboards and Zac is in the fridge. Literally. Jeff has a walk-in refridgerator. Taylor decided to set the table.

"Man, there really is nothing to eat around here! I can't find a single edible thing in the entire refridgerator!" Zac says.
"Here's some SPAM!" Isaac says holding up the can. He opened it and a foul stench filled his nostrils. "Maybe not!" he says throwing it away. Jeff then entered and Garth said, "Maybe we should just order pizza"
"Good idea! I don't think we'll find anything to eat here!" Isaac said as he was still about to yak from the rotten SPAM.
"Alright, what kind would you like?" Jeff asks
"Well, then, I guess we could get three pizzas" Garth says "You guys order, Jeff can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Sure. Let's go to the other room" Jeff says
"Well, as I was walking past Rick's cage I noticed this" Garth pulled out the statue of the soccer person. "Oh! That! I guess I should tell you Rick had taken a liking to soccer from watching too much TV! I had that specially carved for..for him" Jeff says
"Oh thank, goodnes, I thought it was something that wasn't supposed to be there!"

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH" There came a scream from the kitchen. Garth and Jeff ran in to find.....
that Zac had Ralphed from the disagreeable odor from the can of SPAM, Jeff saw what he ralphed from and held up the can, "I don't see what's wrong with this can. It's totally normal" He says as he takes a bite out of it. "EEEEWWW, YUCK!" the three boys say simultaneously.
"Isn't that Spam all old and rotten and discusting?" Zac says with an even more pale face, "No, it's just normal, but I can see where you thought this was plain spam, no, no, this is Fruity Pepperoni Spam, I have it imported from Brazil, it's GREAT!" Jeff says happily munching away on his Fruity Pepperoni Spam. "It's always supposed to smell like that, my favorite food in the world!"

"Let's go into the living room to work on our concert songs, I know a great one, I've always loved MMMBop and I know you'll just love the backup to The Fever, my best song, kids go nuts over it!" Garth says ushering the boys into the living room. "I take it you don't want any of my Spam, are you sure?" Jeff says holding up the can. "Oh well, more for me" digging in.

That night as all five of them decided to camp out in Jeff's living room Zac says tentively "I miss my family" with a tear. I hope dad's okay, I mean that was his blood on the sweater"
"Don't worry, we'll put on this concert with our new friend Garth, and Jeff will catch the bad guys, we'll have our family back in no time!" Taylor says matter-of-factly.
"And in the mean time, I want to show you something" Jeff says as he sits down at his grand piano and starts going to town on the keyboard. "Whoa! Cool" Isaac says as Garth pulls out his guitar and starts playing along with Jeff on the piano.

The five momentarily forget their problems as they sing and laugh. Later that night they all bed down in sleeping bags "This is just like camping out" Isaac says, "Except we are indoors" as he zips up his Jurassic Park sleeping bag Jeff loaned him. "I love your house Jeff" Taylor says from the depths of and Independence Day sleeping bag. "These are the coolest sleeping bags, where did you get them?" Zac askes from the depths of a new Lost World bag. "I always get tons of free merchandise when I open up a new movie, they come in quite nicely" Jeff replies as he opens up his fifth can of Fruity Pepperoni Spam. Taylor decided to brave it and tries a bit of the Fruity Pepperoni Spam.

"So, what do you think?" Jeff asks. Taylor replies...

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