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The Story....Part Three!

"Ya know what? it's not tha bad actually." Taylor replies after taking a bite of the spam. "You mean to tell me, you actually just took a bite of that stuff??" Isaac asks totally disgusted from the mere sight of it. "No, I kinda...Oh my gosh!" Taylor says as he gets up and runs for the bathroom.
When he came back a few minutes later Isaac says "What happened? I thought you liked it" "It's good, untill you get that nasty after taste in your mouth. How can you keep eating this stuff Jeff?" Taylor asks

"its really good!" Jeff replies "SHHHH!!" Garth whispers "Zac is asleep and a good thing too, he was really worked up, he needs a good nights sleep, I think we could all use some sleep" Garth says with a yawn. They all drift off to sleep. Suddenly they are all awakened by a noise.
"Oh my gosh! someone's in the kitchen!" Isaac says totally freaked out. "Stay here, we'll go check it out" Garth and Jeff get up to leave. "Stay here by ourselves? No way!" Taylor says "Wait a minute, where is Zac? What if they have him!" They continue into the kitchen. Jeff has grabbed a baseball bat from the closet, he flips on the kitchen light to find that Zac is in the kitchen eating Fruity Pepperoni Spam! "I got hungry and this is all I could find to eat. What's wrong?" Zac says. Taylor and Isaac look at each other and run over to Zac and give him a big hug. "When you weren't in the living room we thought LD kidnapped you too!" Isaac says

"Maybe if one of us is going to get up to do something they should wake up the person next to them and tell them what's going on" Jeff suggests intelligently. They all head back to the living room. When they are all settled Issac says "Zac, were you really that hungry that you were eating Fruity Pepperoni Spam?" They all laugh. Finally when they get back to sleep they next thing they know is it's morning! After everyone is awake they decide to go shopping! "You know, for a great concert you have to have great clothes" Garth says knowingly. "I know a great place, it's called 'A Great Place For Clothes' and it's just a few miles away" Jeff states. They climb into Jeff's new red convertable and are on their way...."

"Wow! this is the awesomest car Jeff!" Taylor says, "Where did you get it?" Isaac asks. "Well, have you seen The Lost World yet?" Jeff says as they nodd their heads "Well, it's from there, we actually had six of these cars but some got totalled when the T-rex stepped on them, even though in the final production he steps around it, up, this is a great car"
"Jeff, I have to say, I've noticed something about your way of style" Garth says, "You always wear black and dark colors, I don't think I've ever once seen you in brights, My whole wardrobe is colorfull shirts" Garth says "I find black the most comfortable and classy, besides it's best in warm weather no matter how many people say black soaks up the heat, it's not true, you should try it" Jeff replies " and besides, yesterday, I wore my Jurassic Park pajamas and thsoe are colorful, it's the first time I ever wore them"
"But black is so boring! Isaac says, "I think you should shop for clothes too and we will get you some great looking rainbows."

"Ummmm...geeee....I guess so" Jeff says regretfully "Actually I'm always open to new things" he says as they enter the store. As they start browsing through the racks of colothes Taylor says "this is cool!" as he holds up...A bright red, blue, and green belt that looks like a fish. "Um..I think we better take it easy on Jeff. It's his first time buying colors and that's a pretty loud belt. "Garth says.
"Yeah, but I'll take the belt!" Zac says as he snatches the belt away from Taylor. They shopped for 3 hours straight and found tons of new clothes for Jeff and the boys and Garth. They paid for their clothes and as they were leaving the store isaac said "Maybe we should go to the grocery store and get some real food. Just the thought of Fruity Pepperoni Spam makes menauseous"
"All right, I think that would be a great idea" Jeff says as they get in the car. When they get back to Jeff's the boys decide to treat Jeff and Garth to their own gourmet meal that they cooked themselves. They decided to make their favorite meal consisting of...

Shrimp ala pepperoni, Corn with a side of chocolate syrup, lobstertails with a pinch of evaporated milk, and baked alaska iceream with little bits of licorice on top. An odd combonation but it's the Hanson brothers favorite meal. Jeff and Garth just look on with rather green faces,
"Well, I'm always open to new things, and since you tried my spam, I'll try your "World Famous Cuisine" Jeff says and pulls the reluctant Garth to the table to sit and have a bite. They all did in.

"Hey, this isn't bad" Garth says with surprise as he finished off his second helping of shrimp ala pepperoni. "Well, I think we need to celebrate outside the walls of my house. I know the best yogurt place, it's named after a movie I was in called "The Big Chill" I love their peanut Butter yogurt cone." Jeff Says
"But what about all the dishes" Taylor asks. "Well, I'll show you" Jeff says as he opens up a door and out comes a maid "You keep a maid in your closet too?" Zac asks
"No, nothing like that, Betty comes in through the secret passage in the basement, she has perfect timing" Jeff says as Betty starts to go away at the dishes, they slip out the back and are on their way to "The Big Chill" Jeff's car phone rings and he picks it up. "Hello?"
"Hi Jeff, this is Bob Dude, I just wanted to tell you the concert is already to go so you won't have to lost any more sleep over that"
Jeff: I wasn't aware I was losing sleep over it, but thanks anyway
Bob: Yeah, no problem, I gotta go
Jeff: bye, Bob, what do I owe you?
Bob: No charge, bye, something came up I gotta go

"Well, the concert is already to go for tomorrow, but Bob must not be feeling well" Jeff says mystified
"Why?" Garth asks, "Well, he was talking like he had a gun to his head, and he wan't cracking jokes like he usually does" Jeff replies"Oh well."

Well, little did they know as they were nonchalantly heading out for iceream, Bob Dude really did have a gun to his head, held by the infamous LD.