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The Story....Part 4

The phone is grabbed out of Bob's hand by a black gloved hand, "Can't you let me go now? These ropes are bothering me" Bob asks. "You're lucky you are still alive, well, I will have to keep you alive incase something you were supposed to do to that stage goes werong" The mysterious L&D replies with a hiss "Phase two is almost complete, soo I will have them right where I want them" Again with a hiss "Soon you'll see your precious little boys, and I will have another prize I've been waiting for my self" L says to the distraught faily tied up in the basement of some building.

"And you'll see your precious Jeff soon enough, Rick" D says with discust, and I will have the Ultimate Reward!!!"
"Ulitmate reward, Ulitmate reward" Ricky squaks as LD laughs maniacly.

Back at "The Big Chill" Jeff and Garth are chatting as they boys attracted a crowd by the soda fountain and are swamped by autograph seeking, screaming females.

"Jeff, why aren't you being swamped?" Garth asks, "Well I come here almost every day when I'm home and people have gotten used to me, I used to get swamped, but I'm glad it's quieted down" Jeff replies "Now about this concert...We're going to have to be really careful! We don't want anything to happen to you guys"
Garth replies" Jeff, maybe you and I should go and check out the stage and everything before we sing." "Garth, my friend, I was thinking the exact same thing!" Jeff says

Back at Jeff's house they prepare for the concert. Which means more practice for Garth and Hanson. They have decided on five songs. MMMbop, The Fever, The River, Madeline and Lucy. Jeff listens as they go through the songs. When they are done, Jeff stands up and claps his hands "That was awesome, you guys! This lkittle concert may turn out to be a good thing" Jeff Says
"I just hope after we are done that we can go home! I want to see Mom and Dad and Jessie and Avie and Mac! I miss them a lot" Zac says. "We miss them too" Taylor says as he gives Zac a hug.

"We're not gonna let anything happen to them" Garth says. "Now, I'm famished. What do you say we get some supper?" "How about some sandwhiches and sodas?" Jeff asks "Sounds good to me!" Ike says. They all head for the kitchen. When they arrive they find the most disgusting thing....

There was a hand lying in the middle of the stairway. "Oh my God! That's the most disgusting thing" Garth says as he turns the boy's heads away at the sight, "Oh, it's okay" Jeff says as he picks up the hand. "It's from The Lost World and it's Ricky's favorite play toy, quite realistic isn't it?" Jeff says.

"My goodness Jeff, you're full of all sorts of suprises" Isaac says. "Come on guys, if we want to be all alert for the concert tomorrow we better get our rest" Jeff says as they finish their sandwhiches at the table. "You know, we, we, may need backup for this concert just in case anything goes wrong" Jeff says. "I said a few days ago we can get some of my friends to supervise, kind of be body guards, you know what I'm saying?" Jeff says
"Great idea, I'm kind of getting scared, what if there is another phase or maybe 100 more phases, what if I never see my parents again!!!" Zac cries as Jeff rushes over to comfort him. "You better get in contact with those friends of yours, but from the hand and the pepperoni spam, I'm prepared to be surprised" Garth says.

Jeff picks up the phone and starts dialing, he calls about three or four people, but first on his list was Will Smith. Who agrees. Then Vince Vaghn, who also agrees to come and help out. He also tries a close friend down the block, but she isn't home, so she won't be of much help. "Okay, boys, we got some help here!" Jeff says. "We have Will Smith who I know from Independence Day and owes me a favor"
"Cool! Will Smith?!" Zac says. "Yeah, we know he can handle aliens, but what about people?" Isaac asks with a laugh. "Don't worry, he'll do great" Garth says.
"We also have Vince Vaghn from The Lost World" Jeff says "you guys will be well protected"
"That's good news, but what about the rest of our family?" Tay asks "I hope they are okay."

The Nex Day

They all have scrambled eggs with ketchup for breakfast. "Food for the voice" Garth calls it. Practice for Garth and the guys picks up after breakfast. Jeff decides to check out the stage before Will and Vince get to the house. To their astonishment he finds nothing is wrong with the stage! He heads back to the house.

Little does he know that he passed the mysterious LD on their way to tamper with the stage.

Meanwhile back at the house Will and Vince had arrived. When Jeff gets back, Will says" HHHeeeyyy! Jeff my man!, so what's the plan?" Jeff replies "Well I was thinking".... TO BE CONTINUED... As soon as possible, I'm sorry that I'm so bad at dead lines.
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